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Improve Troubleshooting Skills



The modeling of each hydraulic, pneumatic and electrotechnical components can be incorporated with faults to be triggered during system simulation. A set of troubleshooting tools (multi-meters, hydraulic testers, pressure gages and thermometers) can be used to diagnose and repair the problem(s). Users can quickly and easily perform "What-If?" scenarios to resolve potential problems. It is also possible to disconnect wires or lines to isolate parts of a circuit, perform measurements and repair or replace components to resolve suspected failures.

Over and above general training, this environment allows organizations to train their maintenance personnel and helps sharpen their skills on specific equipment by experimenting in a safe, virtual system. The end result reduces equipment downtime and increases productivity.


SCORM Compliant

If you are using a Learning Management System (LMS), P6 is SCORM compliant and can be fluently integrated into your LMS. Consequently, your online training content will be significantly enhanced thanks to Automation Studio’s realistic and interactive simulation features.

SCORM Compliant
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