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Fluid Power and Electrical Component Sizing

This module provides valuable computer-aided engineering capabilities to help you identify a component's expected constraints and performance characteristics.

fluid power and electrical component sizing
  • Quick and easy access to applicable formulas, equations and parameter definitions
  • Intuitive calculation sheets are provided for each family of components
  • Rapid system prototyping
  • Saves money by eliminating oversized components
  • Reduces risk by avoiding undersized components that do not meet expected performance levels

A Multidirectional Approach

As opposed to traditional means of solving equations where you have to select an entry point, Automation Studio™ calculation sheets allow parameter modifications from any point in the circuit. This eliminates the need to proceed in a predetermined step-by-step approach. When you modify or recalculate parameters, variables modified by the calculation process appear in a different color, making it easy to locate affected parameters. This way new parameters can be easily validated and applied to the component simulation parameters.

System Requirement Simulations

Once each component has been sized, it becomes easy to establish the overall system requirements by running a simulation and establishing operating sequences. This turns Automation Studio™ into a valuable tool which quickly designs workable circuits. For example, you can rapidly determine the energy consumption in your fluid power system and optimize operational costs.

Quick Access to Equations and Definitions

Automation Studio™ becomes a quick reference tool, saving you timewhen searching for information from data reference materials or developing equations. The unit systems are defined and the results can be displayed, making conversion quick and easy, especially when entering component data sourced from numerous catalogues.

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