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Full OPC Connectivity

OPC is Open Process Control. The P6 OPC standard interface application allows for inter-operability between automation/control applications, field systems/devices and business/office applications. Automation Studio™ connects to external devices such as controllers, PLCs, or hydraulic , pneumatic and electrical equipment.



With the OPC Client module, you can exchange data with any other PLC or control device for which a manufacturer supplies OPC Server software. Once you have installed the OPC Server for the device of your choice, simply map the address and turn Automation Studio™ into a versatile I/O simulator or a Soft-PLC.

OPC Client connects to any OPC

With an improved OPC Client module, P6 supports “Data Access” OPC interfaces and V2.x V3.0 in order to exchange data with a virtual or physical device using a standardized OPC Interface. This will optimize transfers and offer the ability to connect to multiple OPC Servers simultaneously. The interface improves offline configuration and navigation processes, it also provides a dynamic visual display indicating the status of each configured item.

OPC Server

P6 also introduces an OPC Server module, which implements the latest OPC UA V1.1 standards and provides upgraded interactions with external equipment. The OPC Server interface allows you to read and write project variables organized by projects, schematics, components, and variables.

OPC Server

Virtual Troubleshooting and Training Environment

Thanks to CANBus communication, any compatible controller can be connected to Automation Studio™ to create a virtual troubleshooting and training environment at a fraction of the cost. Likewise, you can also create complete virtual machines and control them in a realistic manner. This, in turn, helps to disseminate knowledge of electronic controls to all personnel involved in equipment maintenance.

Variable Management

P6 offers a new, fully customizable variable management tool, compliant with IEC 61131-3 international standards, which supports all data types. An extensive set of functions is available including: variable creation and deletion, automatic validations, display formats, define aliases, define filters, import, export, etc.

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