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Collaborate for Better Efficiency


A Collaborative Environment -
Creating Synergy

Automation Studio™ P6 is a multi-user environment. It allows you to work on a project with data sharing and collaboration between different users. Thanks to the "Access Rights Manager" you can set restrictions for editing, reading, publishing, etc... This allows you to safely share your projects with customers, suppliers, and of course your colleagues.

Creator of Synergy
Configurable Project Explorer

Configurable Project Explorer

Customize your Project Explorer to view the essential and relevant information you need. This new interface provides you with a global project overview and keeps you updated on the status of each one of its documents.

LAN/WAN Licenses Management

You can access Automation Studio™ License Server through a LAN or WAN connection. The server provides license usage logs and statistics.

LAN/WAN Licenses Management
access right manager

Access Rights Manager

As a project owner, you can set-up permissions to grant other users access to specific:

  • Objects such as documents, diagrams, and resources
  • Functions such as read, write, simulate, etc.

Event Log Manager

The Message Explorer manages multiple events, warning and errors, along with flexible filtering capabilities, are available for users and administrators including:

  • License usage log
  • Project event log
  • Automation Studio™ client and server log
  • Event Explorer
Event Log Manager
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