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Enforce Company Wide Standards


Manage your Standards

Every company has standards which need to respected at every level of the organization. These standards range from materials and components, to documentation, to the type of fonts & colors used. Automation Studio™ helps maintain these standards in the highest regard by only allowing project leaders to set up the specific required standards.


Enhanced Project Documentation

A rich set of functions for report generation is now available in P6. Users can now create their own template for any type of document or report: Title Block, BOM, Wire List, Purchase Orders, etc.
Enhanced Project Documentation

Create a Systematic Workflow

To maintain a systematic workflow for your product/project activities, P6 allows you to establish standards which can be carried throughout many departments and thereby increase workflow. For instance, CAD drawings can be re-used by a Technical Publication department to automatically convert them into a presentation format without needing to use specialized drawing tools or doing manual conversions.

Automate your Workflow by Using the Appropriate Templates

Configuring Lines

The Fluid and Line Manager in P6 allows you to make arrangements for circuits, installations, functions, materials, etc... You can also modify the appearance of lines for both editing and simulation. Additionally, during the simulation process, the line appearance can be characterized by threshold levels for flow and/or pressure.

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