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Automation Studio™ Live

A Web-Based Solution for OEMs, System Integrators & Vendors

Famic Technologies offers Automation Studio™ Live, a web-based solution which allows OEMs and System Integrators to quickly and effectively convey product needs to vendors, thereby improving communication, reducing time-to-market and ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Unlike traditional HTML menu driven approaches, Automation Studio™ Live solution lets OEMs & System Integrators review work already in progress and detect specific product line warnings & rules, like no other solution can.

Product & System Configuration Tools

We recommend OEMs and System Integrators to implement this web-enabled platform configuration tool with their own products and systems. These tools work in conjunction with Automation Studio™ P6 and thanks to the unique Automation Studio™ Live technology, they can be deployed for immediate use on the internet at no cost.

Prototyping with Vendor Components for Advanced System Sizing

All vendor components within Automation Studio™ Live contain the proper characteristic data to run accurate simulations. This allows users to test their systems and determine the best components for a particular application.
The product generation and definition tool box in P6 is accessible on the internet and you can also import your schematics into Automation Studio™ Professional Edition and use the simulation feature to validate the system. With these tools, applications can now be easily determined, resulting in increased productivity for all parties.

OEMs and System Integrators: Improved Productivity Automation Studio web-based solution
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