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Hydraulics & Pneumatics

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Tailored for hydraulic and pneumatic system specialty teams, these two intuitive and flexible modules will shorten the development cycle like no other software, helping even the most demanding users.

  • Diagram illustration corresponding to your company's standards
  • Dynamic and realistic simulation
  • Component sizing
  • Wide selection of preconfigured manufacturers' products
  • Full range of analysis and validation tools
  • Component failure management

Thousands of Component Symbols

Throughout the modules, you can find a wide range of component symbols such as pumps, motors, directional valves, pressure valves, mechanical components, measuring and conditioning instruments, transducers, etc... Components have been grouped by function to facilitate navigation.

ISO Compliant Libraries

All the libraries include symbols and built-in simulation schematics compliant with ISO 1219-1 for symbology and ISO 1219-2 for circuit management.

Fluid Power System Modeling Made Easy

With Automation Studio™, fluid power system modeling does not require specialized skills usually needed in other simulation software environments. Our P6 simulation feature is comprehensible to all skill levels of system design, training, and support.

Configuring Valves, Pumps and Motors

Automation Studio™ provides configuration tools that allow you to create your own symbols and simulation models. Several user-friendly interfaces are available to help you design cylinders, valves, pumps, etc..., giving you complete freedom and autonomy.

valve-pump-motor-configurators configuration-tools-create-symbols-simulation-models

Load Sensing Application

Pressure feedback can be tapped anywhere in a circuit and used for control applications. Along with configurable loading of actuators, this feature can show real systems in action.

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