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Optimize your entire workflow


Technical Publications

Automation Studio™ facilitates the generation of technical publications, training documents and numerous other reports to share with colleagues, suppliers, trainers etc., creating better communication and promoting engineering synergy.


Manage Your Standards

Standards can be defined at different hierarchical levels including: company, divisions, branches, projects, and documents. They cover every aspect of a project for both technologies and documentation including: fluid, material, hoses, lines, wires, cables, connectors, font, color, page layout, naming rules, components, title block, component representation during editing and simulation, etc.


Automate Your Workflow

Systems designed in Automation Studio™ can be easily converted to other formats such as: PowerPoint, Word, white papers, technical training documents etc., which can then be used by suppliers, training instructors, marketing departments and sales teams etc. The manual conversion of engineering drawings requires specialized authoring tools and is a long and time-consuming process. P6 eliminates this step and allows users to quickly and efficiently create technical publications.

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