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Optimize your entire workflow


System Design and Engineering


Dynamic and Realistic Simulation
in Full Color

During simulation, components become animated and lines are color-coded according to their states. The simulation pace can also be adjusted with functions such as Normal, Step by Step, Slow Motion, and Pause.

Complete Set of Component Libraries for Fast & Accurate Design

Automation Studio™ offer thousands of generic components structured by product categories in a user-friendly format. All components are compliant with several international standards including: ISO, DIN, JIC, IEC, and NEMA.

Configurable Displayed Information

Detailed information can be displayed directly on the diagram or in tooltips appearing when hovering over the corresponding components on the screen.

Dynamic Measuring Instruments

Virtual measuring instruments can be used on a circuit during simulation in order to monitor various parameters such as pressure, flow, voltage, speed...

Component Sizing

The Component Sizing Module provides valuable and flexible computer-aided sizing calculations for various components.

System Behavior Analysis

You can easily monitor and visualize behavior parameters during simulation. After the simulation, the results can be analyzed and exported to other applications for further analysis.

Machine Specific Training

Reuse your system design as a virtual training platform at no extra cost.

Multi-Technology Systems

Automation Studio™ makes it very easy to combine various technologies in order to design complete systems.

Collaborate for Better Efficiency

Automation Studio™ allows multiple users to work simultaneously on the same project through data sharing and synchronization wherever you are.

Manage Your Standards

Standards can be centralized in a common database shared by all users. The Administrator identifies the standards applicable to projects and users throughout the organization.


The API and Scripting module is a powerful way to support your expanding needs to interface with other systems such as ERP, 3D CAD, PDM, LMS...

Save Time with Pre-Configured Catalogues

In order to save you time during simulation set-up, the data pertaining to manufacturers’ catalogue components has been added in accordance with part numbers and vendor data.

Bill of Materials

You can quickly assign data to all components of a project in order to generate bills of materials, requests for quotes, budgetary estimates...

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